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TextbookLook is not available for everyone yet, but we are allowing a small group of people in to help us “beta test” TextbookLook.  Now don’t get us wrong, you will have access to every feature and the over 26,000 textbook titles that we’ve been collecting data on over the past year, but just think of TextbookLook as a shiny new cruise ship and we need a few good recruits to help us on the “shakedown” cruise.

So there might be a little hiccup here or there, just let us know, and we’ll work on fixing it.  What we ask of you: be a little patience with us, let’s know of any problems, what you love, what could be improved, what you’d like to see.  We’d also like a little testimonial from you to use on our site.

What we offer in return: you get a leg up on your competition, you (hopefully) will make more money, and you get this special super-discounted price (we’ll eventually be charging $20-30/month) for life (as long as you don’t cancel).

Android app on Google Play

Oh, one more thing, the app is currently ONLY AVAILABLE ON ANDROID. You are welcome to sign up if you just plan to use the web app, or use the web app through a web browser on your phone (iPhone or otherwise), but keep in mind, you will NOT be able to use your phone camera to scan.

The price for membership is $4.99 per Month.

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