Does this site make absolutely no sense to you? Well, let’s see what we can do…

The Basics

People are buying stuff cheap and selling it for more money on places like Amazon and eBay.  You know, the old “buy low, sell high” thing. Classic middle-men.  You with me so far?

Over time, companies had developed tools to help these middle-men.  These tools are known as “scanners”, “scanner tools”, “scouter tools”, “scouting tools”, among other names.  These tools are usually either a PDA with a barcode reader attached or phone app.  The people who use these tools are also sometimes referred to as “scanners”.   The scanner uses their tools to scan the barcode of the item and see how much it is currently selling for on Amazon.  This helps them know whether it’s profitable enough to buy the item.  The items they buy range from toys and board games to clothes to books to pretty much anything.

The Problem

So we’ve been using these scouter tools for a while now with great success. But there was one thing we started noticing about a particular class of items. We noticed that we could buy a textbook cheap and then sell it on Amazon for a quick decent profit.  Then a few months later we’d find that textbook again, but when we checked the price, it was drastically different from the last time.  It made sense to us that textbook prices would be somewhat volatile due to supply and demand around the beginnings of college semesters versus the middle of the semester. The problem was that we had no idea of knowing which books had this volatile price swings, up to what point, and when.  Our thought was “if only we had some way to see the price history of textbooks”.

The Solution

We searched and searched the web for someone who had this kind of data.  We couldn’t find any.  Not even Amazon kept historical price data on textbooks. So we decided to do it ourselves.  As we started using our data, we started making a lot more money off of textbooks than we ever did before.  And being the good little capitalists were are, we thought “you know, it wouldn’t really hurt our business that much to share this data with other scanners who routinely buy textbooks”. And that’s how TextbookLook was born.

Another Scanner Tool?

So is TextbookLook just another scouter tool?  Nope, not really.  If you are already using a scouter tool, then you’ll keep using that for everything besides textbooks. But when you are looking at a big stack of textbooks for sale, that’s when you’ll want to use TextbookLook to give you the insight you need to make a more informed decision.

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