Say Goodbye To Blind Guessing and Hello to Increased Profits

  • Easy to read price history charts for your textbooks–includes Acceptable, Good, Very Good, and Like New conditions.
  • See the highest and lowest price, ranking, and inventory along with the date achieved.
  • Use your phone to scan, external barcode reader, or hand key.
  • Available as both a web app and mobile app.


Find out if that textbook is a goldmine or a lump of coal

We would absolutely love it if TextbookLook helped you increase your profit by more than 100% every single time.  But not all textbooks are created equal, and if we help you avoid buying a dud, well, we consider that a win too.
TextbookLook Book Scouting Software Historical Chart


So how does it work?

First, scan your textbook using your phone or external barcode reader (or even hand key them if you like) just like your other book scouting software.

But unlike other book scouting software, instead of just seeing the current price of the textbook, you’ll also see the highest the price got in the past year. And not just the current Amazon ranking, but the best ranking it achieved.  And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also see a chart clearing displaying how the book price has changed over time.  This is key to determining whether the book is a good buy candidate or not (see our post on how to read the charts).


 Book Scouting Software The Shows More Than Just Current Price


But before you buy, you’ll want to click “View Details”.  Here you will see the current, highest, and lowest prices for all for book conditions.  You’ll also see the current, highest, and lowest Amazon ranking and the current, highest, and lowest inventory levels on Amazon.  All this data will give you that edge you need to buy (or pass) with confidence.

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