This doesn’t happen very often, but it happened. We turned around a textbook in 3 days for a 355% profit.  According to the chart, this wasn’t even the time to sell since we are at the bottom of the cycle.  But we knew where to price it for when the cycle came around again, and it sold.  Quick!


Purchased Price: $7.95
Sold Price: $32.99
Gross Receipts (Sold Price + Amazon Shipping Credit): $47.94
Gross Profit (Gross Receipts – Purchased Price): $39.99
Net Profit (Gross Profit – Actual Shipping, Amazon Fees & Packing Materials): $28.24
ROI: 355.22%
Purchase Date: Mar 1 2014
Sold Date: Mar 4 2014
Days in Inventory: 3


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