Some frequently asked questions about TextbooLook

Why is the book I’m scanning not showing any data?

These are the main reasons:

  • The book is not really a textbook.
  • The book does not display the cyclical pricing of a textbook.
  • The textbook is past its prime and there is no indication it will ever rise again.
  • The textbook is brand new and we are only now collecting data.
  • The textbook is simply not in our system yet.  We collect data from the main textbook companies, but many still slip through the cracks.  When you scan a textbook that is NOT in our system and it is a legitimate textbook with a potential future then we add it to our list and in a couple months when you encounter the textbook again, you’ll then be able to see its history.

What’s the difference between this and other book scouting apps?

Those tools are great for getting the current price of many different types of items. Our app is different in two ways: 1) it only deals with textbooks and 2) it shows the full price and ranking history.

Does it work every time?

In a word…no.  In three…of course not. There is a saying in the stock market “past performance is not an indication of future results”. Likewise, no one can guarantee that a textbook will continue to follow its historical pattern.  But we can say this, we’ve been using this system of ours since May 2013 and we have made money. 700% more money that we had made on textbooks before we came up with the system.

If you are making so much money from this tool, why are you sharing it with everyone?  Aren’t you afraid it’ll cut into your own profits?

The United States is a big place, with lots of second-hand stores, library sales, garage sales, etc.  We couldn’t possibly cover them all every week.  So we thought instead we’d find other hard working people like you to partner with. This way we can both benefit from TextbookLook.

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