So this looks like a great chart, right?  Definite cycle. Tightly grouped conditions.  Buy it cheap now, sell it for a bundle in September. What could go wrong?  Well, a lot, if it’s NOT A TEXTBOOK!


What, you say? How could  a non-textbook make it into TextbookLook?  Well, sometimes the textbook companies call these “textbookbooks”, but they are really more like magazines.  They have a one year lifespan and then they get replaced the following year, making the previous editions virtually worthless.

We will try our hardest to keep these out, but just to be safe, we’ll teach you how to spot them.   First of all, you’ll notice that it feels like a magazine.  It’s a paperback, says “WHAT’S INSIDE” on the front.  Plus, another dead give away…the barcode on the front.


You probably wouldn’t even bother scanning this in the first place, but we just wanted to warn you against these type of “textbooks”.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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